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 Selected Reviews

“Petrea Burchard's narration is audio perfection. She is engaging, versatile, and most of all, listeners just love her! We were both new to audiobooks but her talent was obvious to me from the start. I had to be selfish and nab her quickly before someone else discovered her, and I'm so glad I did. Her performances get rave reviews and really bring stories to life. Her character voices are exactly what I imagined, yet somehow better than I could have hoped for all at the same time. Aside from her range of vocal talents, she's meticulous, prompt and professional. And to top it off, she's super nice and an absolute joy to work with! Soon I'll be saying that I knew her way back when...”

— Colleen Cross, author of the Westwick Witches Cozy Mysteries and the Katerina Carter Fraud Thriller series

Rags to Witches Audiobook 2400.jpg

RAGS TO WITCHES by Colleen Cross

“I love this series and honestly it’s because of the narrator."

– Cyndi, Audible reviewer

“Burchard is definitely a narrator I’ll come back to.”

– Lidia, Audible reviewer

Witch You Well Audiobook 2400.jpg

WITCH YOU WELL by Colleen Cross

“Petrea Burchard’s narration is flawless."

Katie, Audible reviewer

2018-1217 audiobooks Colleen Cross Exit Strategy.jpg

EXIT STRATEGY by Colleen Cross

“Petrea Burchard always comes through with a complete cast of characters, male and female.”

Elissa, Goodreads




PETREA BURCHARD grew up in northern Illinois, where farm meets university. She started reading and writing as soon as she figured out how, and has been an actor since she could get anyone to pay attention.

With a BA in creative writing, she embarked on—what else?—an acting career. Her stage experience covers everything from The Second City to Shakespeare, and her resume includes TV and film. As a writer she has published a time-slip novel and a book of essays about the funny side of life as an actor in Hollywood.

Petrea’s alto speaking voice led her to voiceover commercials, industrials and radio plays, and she’s known for her voice work as the iconic character of Ryoko in the classic anime, Tenchi Muyo!. Voice acting led her to audiobooks. With a professional home studio and lifelong experience as an actor, writer, and lover of the spoken word, the only surprise is that she didn’t get here sooner.

Petrea is a member of SAG-AFTRA and the Audio Publishers Association. She’s available to narrate for studios, authors, and platforms such as Findaway and ACX.


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